Ugly and brilliant: Wozzeck at Dutch National Opera

Berg: Wozzeck

Dutch National Opera, 18th March 2017


Johann Christian Woyzeck, excecuted in 1824 for the murder of Johanna Woost

This new Wozzeck at Dutch National Opera is ugly, and disturbingly brilliant. Krzysztof Warlikowski’s staging distills the desperation of trying to scramble up from the lowest rung of society. Changing certain details of the plot, Warlikowski nevertheless stays true to the grimy realism of Georg Büchner’s play.

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Fine Budapest cast tears into lacerating Lear

Reimann: Lear

Hungarian State Opera, 30th January 2016

Resurrecting old opera productions is risky. No matter how nonspecific the concept and design, every production is marked by the taste and physical minutiae of its era. In a tribute to notable opera director Jean-Pierre Ponnelle (1932-1988), Ferenc Anger has revived his production for the 1978 world première of Aribert Reimann’s Lear. The result, painstakingly recreated from a video recording, verifies that the original production has largely stood the test of time.


Lear at the Hungarian State Opera © Péter Rákossy

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